Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indiegogo is a Scam

Before signing up to make a campaign on Indiegogo, consider the following!

Indiegogo is being nationally recognized as the top site you can donate to.  Please understand they are a shady business, taking funds from you and I'll explain what is happening now.

People have created accounts, like myself.  These accounts are for donation help from existing viewers or someone who may stumble onto the project's cause.  They will allow your campaign to run through and they take a % of each transaction given.

Now Indiegogo says they do take the % after the campaign is done, but this is not true.  They take the money and I have PayPal receipts showing it.  The image is that receipt,
clearly showing they are taking a % for each transaction even before the campaign ends.

They say they do NOT touch the money given until the campaign ends but they have been taking it all along.

Indiegogo has staff member sock accounts that create causes for recent events in order for them to gain funds for it.  Since they run the site, they control the money flow.  There is no doubt in my mind that Indiegogo creates causes, and takes all the profits from it. 

There are some users who think they can create an account and get THOUSANDS of dollars for their campaign, when in reality it is Indiegogo who creates the ones you see that have thousands of dollars.  They keep it ALL.

Everyone please stop using Indiegogo and find a more legit company.  If you want your money do not use it ad do not rely on Indiegogo.

VIRUS WARNING.  Indiegogo is a mailing list.  When you sign-up for your own campaign you are put on an international e-mail list.  This e-mail list is SOLD to companies that will spam you.  You will not know Indiegogo is the one that sold your e-mail address because they never tell you.  But if you notice and increase in spam after using their services, this is why. 

I have proven that they take money out of the funds BEFORE the campaign ends.  I have proven they terminate legit accounts and take the money it had, without a reason for it.  It is up to you to listen to what I have said and DO NOT DO BUSINESS ON THEIR SITE.